Marine biotechnology for human health,
personal care, and the life sciences

Personal Care

GlycoMar is developing selected glycomolecule products for the cosmetic and nutraceutical markets.

These products are natural and sustainable, and based on our expertise in glycobiology, human cell biology and biochemistry. These products are not from animal sources as we seek to provide ingredients that have an excellent safety and ethical profile that is acceptable to all consumers. GlycoMar and microalgae technology company MicroA have formed a joint venture company, Prasinotech Ltd., to manufacture personal care ingredient sfrom micralgae.

For the cosmetic markets we are developing ingredients which have biological activity that is beneficial in skincare. Such ingredients are often called ‘cosmeceuticals’ to indicate that they go beyond the benefits of traditional skincare products such as moisturisers.

If you are interested in licensing GlycoMar’s technology or if you have technology that may be of interest to GlycoMar please contact us.