Biological and chemical diversity from the oceans


GlycoMar is developing consumer healthcare products and novel drugs to address unmet clinical need in inflammatory diseases.

Polysaccharides provide an excellent resource for the identification of active molecules, which display a wide range of anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant activities. While the physicochemical properties of these molecules make them typically unsuitable for development as oral drugs they are excellent candidates for diseases where topical treatments are suitable.

The characteristic lack of toxicity of polysaccharides when combined with the topical application makes these molecules a priori very safe candidates, which are unlikely to fail for safety reasons.

GlycoMar is progressing drug candidates into clinical development using well recognised clinical research organisations. We have de-risked drug development by disciplined selection criteria:

  • Druggable class of molecules – heparin US$ 3 billion polysaccharide drug
  • Safe class of molecules – low/no toxicity inherent to polysaccharides
  • Topical delivery – no systemic toxicology, no delivery challenges, and a reduced development time
  • Efficacy - confirmed in vitro and in vivo models